Many of us are seeking connection – usually with someone else – yet are we aware connection can also come through the relationship we have with ourselves, with the nature and environment around us, or with a greater energy, non-visible to the naked eye? There are indeed many ways in which we can unite, and feel supported, held, and whole. It might be helpful to look at some practical ways in which we can do this.

Whether it is a relationship you are seeking with someone else, yourself, nature or a higher energy, we must look at ways in which we can provide support and increase happiness for the other. Long lasting happiness can not be had for ourselves if we deprive another.

Whether you want an intimate, platonic or respectful relationship with another person, what can you do to make their life a little easier? How can you see the goodness in them, even when you think they might be doing something wrong? How can you show gratitude for what they are already doing?

If want to nurture the relationship we have with ourselves, what behaviours and choices can you make that is going to lift your spirit, your health, your vibration? Could you talk to yourself more lovingly? Could you thank your body for everything it’s doing for you? Could you commit to feeding yourself with nourishing foods and drinks, and limiting toxic substances? Could you prioritise time to yourself in the day?

When you step outdoors and into nature, could you leave your devices behind and enjoy the silence? Can you listen a little more closely to the sounds of the birds, the wind, the ocean? Could you breathe in the fresh air and thank nature for giving you oxygen to be alive today? Can you pick up some rubbish around you, plant new flowers and trees, and increase sustainable practices like recycling or switching to low-toxic household cleaners? Ask yourself how you can give more to nature than taking from it.

If we look to the relationship we have with the Universe, A Higher Energy, The Devine, God – whatever you want to call it – can you surrender to this energy and have faith that it is has your back? That if you intuitively know making a decision will align more with the person you are, but you’re feeling a lot of fear to make that decision, the universe will support you if you choose to say Yes? Can you commit to 5 minutes of Meditation, Prayer, Journalling, Gratitude, Reflection or Mindfulness on a daily basis? Can you listen to the experiences of other online or in person, and follow that feeling of inspiration – if they can find this connection, then I can too! Can you lean into the feeling, and realise the Universe is leaning into it as well? Can you open your eyes and start to see all the coincidences and synchronicities happening around you, that are really just signals from the Universe?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and if any of these suggestions have made a difference in your life, and your ability to feel connected, whole and uplifted!

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