It’s unreal to be writing this blurb, I’m a Bikram Yoga teacher ! It was 5yrs between my first class and the second class, but I’m here writing this blurb, so anything is possible. My second class was at the beautiful Bikram Yoga Studio North Brisbane in 2010 and I  never stopped coming. This is a place where I have yoga family and call a home now. In class I’m always having a  good  struggle with my mind and body, but the feeling after class is amazing, something like a natural high. This yoga has created a healthy balance in my life, clarity, healed my body and continues to heal my body from sports injuries .

This yoga has taught me so much about myself, there is no winning or losing, there is just learning and practicing yoga  and that’s what I Love about it . This yoga very quickly became a significant part of my life and I decided to take the leap into Teacher Training Spring 2013. This may be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done , but incredibly rewarding at the same time. And I still ask myself , how did I get through the 9 weeks again ?

This yoga has created so many opportunities outside the room, opened up my body inside the room, empowered my mind and excites me think what is ahead. What I appreciate about this yoga the most, is when I go to yoga I get the honest truth from myself , from my fellow teachers and the room.

See you in the hot room soon, come and get your yoga groove on and see the power of this yoga !

Love Sandy

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