I’m very grateful for Bikram and his yoga because it has helped me in all areas of living. I’m healthier, stronger and more balanced. It’s also improved my ability to remain calm, focused and confident.

I practiced my first class at 21 when my primary concerns were socialising, and my job was a long-haul flight attendant.  I started because I wanted flexibility, nothing more.  Initially I wasn’t hooked but something inside of me kept propelling me into Bikram’s torture chamber and slowly I recognised the more I practiced the better I felt.  Although seemingly glamorous – flying was anything but!  Pushing a cart in high heels, trying to maintain immaculate make-up, combating irregular sleeping and eating habits, lack of fresh oxygen, swollen joints and bloated internal organs wasn’t always the most fun.  However, unlike my cabin crew friends who regularly called in sick due to the affects of jet lag, I never took a day off work and I attribute this to Bikram – the best health maintenance tool.

I trust Bikram and his yoga implicitly.  I’m motivated to teach because I know that Bikram yoga really helps people in a myriad of different ways.




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