In 2007, if you looked from the outside, you would probably think I had a pretty fantastic life; living in New York, working on a great theatrical production with immensely talented people. And to a large extent it was great – but on the inside I was a mess, extremely stressed, not a lot of sleep, run-down, eating takeout constantly and drinking way too much alcohol.

Since childhood I have struggled with my weight and in my mid-30’s I lost quite a bit, but with this lifestyle I was starting to pack it all on again. I felt terrible and was looking for a gym, trying everything in New York but not finding anything that suited my ragged timetable and hectic life. Then down the road from my apartment on the Lower East Side I walked past a sign that said $20 for 10 days. I knew nothing about Bikram Yoga. I had always liked the idea of yoga but had never gotten past most introductory courses being a set time and place, once a week for x amount of weeks. I couldn’t commit to a seven + week course when I rarely knew what my schedule would be from day to day let alone next week.

I stepped into that first class knowing absolutely nothing (it was a long time before I even realised Bikram was a dude) – by the end of the first week I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. In 2010 I went to training. And now, while I’m not the slimmest I’ve ever been, I am definitely the healthiest and as I get older I’m getting stronger and more flexible. My intention is to be practicing and teaching this yoga until my final, final savasana.


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