Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga means union. May yoga unite you with yourself, your breath, your body and the new life you are creating.

Rajashree Choudhury

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is one of the healthiest ways to nurture yourself and your baby. You will learn to become more patient and gentle with yourself and gain confidence in the beautiful mother you are becoming.

During your pregnancy, you and your baby are changing and growing everyday. If you have practiced yoga before, you will realise your practice also changes and grows from day to day. You will be faced with new challenges physically, emotionally and spiritually. For example, physical balance may become more difficult but your flexibility will increase.

At Bikram Yoga North Brisbane, we personally teach you Rajashree’s Pregnancy Series to transition into during your pregnancy. This series features a postures specific for pregnant women, ensuring safety and well-being of both mum and bub, Anybody experiencing a healthy pregnancy can practice Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga, regardless of age, experience or ability.

Prenatal yoga can reduce anxiety, stress and induce relaxing sleep by reducing cortisol levels and stress hormones in the blood. Other benefits include: increased strength, flexibility and endurance for the muscles and joints used in childbirth, toxins expelled from the body, regulation of blood pressure and sugar levels, regulation of hormones and emotions, improved circulation and reduction of water retention, improved posture and reduced back pain.

For those who have been practicing Bikram for at least 6 months before falling pregnant, Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga may be practiced in a regular Bikram Beginners Class. Regarding the heat, don’t be afraid. It is still healthy for your body to sweat allowing your muscles to loosen and relax. The heat also helps toxins in the body to be released. Ask the teacher where the coolest part of the room is, and don’t be afraid to sit out any poses your body (or your baby) tells you to.


Yin Yoga

Often seen as a wonderful complement to other more dynamic styles of yoga, Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures held for longer periods of time – usually around three to five minutes. One of the main aims of the practice is to stretch out the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments and fascia) in order to increase circulation to these areas and improve flexibility. A focus is usually given to the lower part of the body – hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine – as these areas are especially rich in connective tissues.

Some key benefits of a regular Yin Yoga practice include:

  • Stillness: calms and balances the mind and body
  • Reduction in anxiety and stress
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Fascial release
  • Greater joint mobility
  • Balance to the internal organs and improved flow of chia or prana through meridian stimulation


Inferno Hot Pilates

Our HOTTEST new workout, Inferno Hot Pilates is a fun, challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout using Pilates principles. Performed on a yoga mat & towel in a slightly heated room with energetic music. Inferno Hot Pilates is an amazing workout that strengthens muscles and burns fat without the pounding of a high impact workout. It is designed for all fitness levels. Both Men & Women love it! Inferno Hot Pilates is included with your membership and is the perfect compliment to Bikram Yoga!

Some testimonials from our Inferno Hot Pilates class include: no more back pain, less stress, better sleep, more energy, amazing fitness, shapely body, strong core, flat abs, and  increased strength.




Come and experience a guided meditation technique to help you deeply relax, cope better with stress, relieve tension and improve your physical and mental well-being. This session feels blissful and helps you to experience perfect rest and recuperation. Fully guided breathing and meditation to transport you to place of pure relaxation of mind, body and heart.

Continual practice of Meditation provides insights into the workings of the mind and the emotions. It further helps you to develop clarity and wisdom, gaining a better understanding of life.

Having doubts?

I’ve tried meditation and can’t stop thinking…

You’re not the only to experience this. Just like learning any new skill, meditation requires practice. Approach your practice with a beginner’s mindset, rather than expecting to be all Zen-like as you’ll just be disappointed. At first your may experience just the briefest moment of space in your mind, when for a Split second there’s no thought or inner voice talking. Over time that space gets bigger and you can experience yourself as the person behind all those thoughts.


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