The importance of community

I don’t think we are the first ones to mention it, but community is now more important than ever. Now is not the time to fight with or compete against others, but rather, to really do your best to support BOTH yourself and those around you, helping out where you can, and hoping for the best for everyone.

What can you do to help the community?

  • Give random acts of kindness to your family members, friends, colleagues, strangers
  • Try new creative activities with your family / friends / room-mates living with you
  • Buy from and promote local businesses
  • Join online meet ups – we’ve seen everything the last few weeks – more people on zoom/instagram/facebook/facetime/youtube for exercise classes, philosophy chats, cooking demonstrations, social catch ups, and more! Right now there’s literally zillions of online groups for every topic you can think of! Just get googling!
  • Volunteer and donate (once you’re sure your health is in the clear and can remain so). And even if you can’t go out in public yesterday, there are plenty of ways to volunteer or donate online!
  • Reconnect with those you haven’t spoken to or seen in a long time. Write a letter, send an email or text, make a phone call, or, pray
  • Send a thank you letter to the hospital staff who are working around the clock to help save the lives of those in our community. You could also give a letter to the pharmacists, grocery-store employees, garbage truck drivers, school teachers, and all those who have continued working to support the essential needs right now

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well, and please reach out if you need to talk or need any support during this time

Love, Sherry and the team at BYNB

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