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Our trial online Bikram 90 minute class today went really well! We are going to be back on tomorrow at 4:30pm (Thursday 26th March). We will continue to have classes each day, at different times – please check our facebook page , instagram , app , or call the studio (3256 6565) to get information on class times.

The first time you connect you will need to download an app on your computer, or your phone. Then you just click this link to get started:

That link should take you straight there but if it asks for a meeting ID it’s: 338 539 9929

You will have the option to use video so the teacher can see your practice and offer corrections or you can do so without if you just want to hear the dialogue.

Please note classes may not be offered everyday, but we will aim for at least a few times a week.

Class will start at 4:30pm, once teaching commences the online room will be locked so late entries do not disturb the classroom. You can join early from 4:20pm to ask any questions to our teacher. The class will then run exactly as if in the studio but from the comfort of your home.

Have your mat, water and smiling happy faces ready.

Corona Virus Update

Dear Bikram Yoga North Brisbane students.

We’re seeing hard evidence over the last few days that health is worth more than wealth.

Health has always been the priority of Bikram Yoga North Brisbane. Health is exactly why we do, what we do. As such, there a few things we wanted to let you know about:

1. The studio is open. Unless Australia goes into total lock-down, classes are on. However, we have implemented a limited timetable, so please refer to our app Bikram Yoga North Brisbane for the most up-to-date class schedule.

2. We have limited our class size to 20 people. Please book via the app, or call Sherry on 0422 684 789. Please make sure you cancel if you can’t make class in case someone else needs that spot.

3. Rental towels and mats are available. These are laundered immediately after each use. We would however prefer you bring your own mat. We do have mats for sale at the studio.

4. Weights and props will not be used in our Pilates and Yin classes for the time being. Bolsters are for sale at the counter for Yin.

5. There are no towels in the bathrooms. At the moment paper towel is like hen’s teeth so please use your own towels to dry your hands.

5. We have disinfectant spray available if you would like to use that on your mat after class.

6. We are regularly disinfecting all the surfaces at the studio and the yoga room flooring itself.

Of course, it is entirely your prerogative to come to class, or not. As we have always said – two reasons not to attend – if you are running a fever and/or you are, or think you might be, contagious.

Finally – We believe in self care. Wash your hands, exercise, eat well, look after your immune system and be in company of good people. We are a small, family run studio with a fantastic community and we strongly believe the yoga and movement is beneficial for both body and mind, particularly during times like we are experiencing now. 

We will continue to follow the guidelines provided by Queensland health with regards to the management of Corona Virus and other flus.

See you in the room.

Love and light,

Sherry and the team at Bikram Yoga North Brisbane.

What is a yoga asana / posture?

Many of us practice yoga asana / postures on a regular basis, without ever really connecting to ‘what a postures is’, and why we practice them in the first place.

​A yoga asana is a set of muscular contractions and relaxations. ​Figuring out how to use our muscles accordingly in each posture, is the goal of a physical practice. Once we find the correct musculature in the posture, we breath, focus our gaze, and enter stillness. This is where and when the therapy occurs!

Each posture is different, hence the body will have a different shape in each one. Where we get into trouble is beginning to think, consciously or not, that simply getting our body into the shape of a posture is the goal. This becomes a problem when we look like we are doing a posture, but we don’t have correct control over the musculature of the pose. Specific muscles need to contract, and others to relax, in order to create the necessary compression, stretch, or twist that brings the therapeutic benefit.

This often happens in a forehead to knee pose, for example. We become focused on touching our forehead to our knee rather than being aware of the necessary muscle control that rounds our spine and makes this happen in the first place. (Contracting the front of the abs, relaxing the lower back muscles, and keeping the shoulders down and away from our ears!). Correctly getting the forehead to the knee strengthens the abdominal and thigh muscles, squeezes and flushes out the gall bladder, pancreas and spleen, as well as the uterus and ovaries, and increases flexibility of the sciatic nerve.

Building your practice upon the principle of muscle control is going to bring you tremendous benefit. The shape of the posture isn’t worth making if your body is not working properly. Yoga Guru Bishnu Ghosh explains, “Controlling of any muscle is nothing but to contract and relax the muscles without any movement of the limbs or contraction of any other muscle.”

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